A Lesson the Kids Have to Learn

Kids these days just don’t understand the value of money. Since they basically have everything handed to them, they don’t put any thought into how much things cost and just think that anything can be replace with no problem. Some of the neighborhood kids broke my window shutters while they were playing a game of baseball and acted like it was no big deal. I called their parents and gave them a piece of my mind. They told me that their kids would be willing to work for me until the damage was repaired, and I accepted.

The kids all moaned and groaned as they worked for me. I had them doing yard work like taking turns cutting the grass with a manual lawn mower and putting the grass clippings into bags. I also had them doing work indoors, like sweeping the floors and washing the windows. I let them have breaks for lunch and rest, but I didn’t let them get too much time, or they would have started slacking off. Just when the kids thought that I had ran out of chores for them to do, I came up with some more, like helping me sort my mail. Although the kids didn’t want to do these chores, I knew that this was a lesson that they wouldn’t forget.

The kids had to endure this punishment for a whole month, and on the final day, they were all ready to go home. After that, I didn’t have any more problems out of the kids. They still played their games, but they were more careful about where they played them and where they were hitting their balls. I’m sure when they become adults, they’ll have to deal with the same thing when it comes to their own house and window shutters.