The Center Piece of the Living Room

In my living room, there is a big window with that usually has a large set of curtains. It was an average looking window with nothing about it that stood out, but it is the first thing people usually see when coming into the living room. I wanted to liven up the living room with a new look, and thought the window would look better if I ditched the curtains and opted for some orange county shutters. The shutters can serve a purpose of making the window look nice while offering some shade when the sun is out in full force during the summer.

For something as simple as a set of shutters, there are a lot of choices. Picking out the right shutters is about as easy to me as picking the right color of paint for a house, which is to say that it’s not easy at all. It took me nearly a month just to figure out what color I wanted to paint my room. Deciding on my own what kind of shutters to get would probably take me a full season, so I decided to get a little help from my mother. She’s usually really good when it comes to home decor.

Using my mother’s help, I was able to select a set of shutters and a color to go on the window. She also convinced me to get a new rug for the living room, because she thought that my old one was a little bit out of style. I thought it looked fine, but she said that she hadn’t seen a rug like that one in over 20 years, which was around the time I got it. I’ve still got some more decoration changes to make, but for now, I consider the major change to be done.